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Baabayn Aboriginal Corporation Team

We Aboriginal Elders founded Baabayn because we believe that by providing a place of healing, where Aboriginal people connect with culture and have a strong sense of belonging we will be able to recover from past traumas, regain our self-esteem and realise our potential.


Baabayn is all about community. Our organisation wouldn’t be strong without community supporting us. We survive by making everyone welcome and showing respect and care for each other. Every year we get stronger and stronger. Everyone likes coming to our groups because it’s a place where you can relax. People respect you here and no-one judges you. No matter who you are or what you do, you are welcome and there is no judgement.
We have a Young Mums’ Group, a Family Group and a Homework Club. I love the Homework Club, and I love to see the kids push forward to get their education because I didn’t have much education. I would like to see them go right through to Year 12 with pride and dignity and even then support them to achieve their goals whatever they are.


Hi, I’m Jenny Ebsworth. Much has been going on and I feel that we are going on in leaps and bounds. Our Home/work Club is going from strength to strength. Our volunteer tutors are fabulous in their mentoring and encouragement of our kids who attend. We also have wonderful faithful and loyal women who come to yarn and enjoy each other’s company.
These are only some of the activities and events that happen here at Baabayn. There’s always consultations, meetings and supporting members of community as their need arises. We are always on the look out to find new ways to form partnerships and encourage community to make use of the centre. There are a few developments in the pipeline which we are very excited about. It gives us an indication that other services are interested in us and are willing to work with us. People come here for healing, for friendships and to learn new skills. It is overwhelming to us to see all these things take place. It’s not about us; it’s about our community and their dreams and aspirations to make changes for the future and to bring about self-determination and to close that gap. 8


I’m Margaret Farrell, and being one of the Directors and being a part of Baabayn and the community is very rewarding.
Baabayn is full of ideas. Our Young Mums’ group is thriving, as is the cooking class. The Elders are keen on doing the falls prevention classes every Tuesday in preparation for the Elders Olympics in Inverell in 2018. It is wonderful to see many of the community coming along to Baabayn to participate in the programs. As you would have heard we are moving our premises into a much larger building on Luxford Road where the Margaret Druitt Day Care Centre used to be.


Indigenise supports Baabayn’s purpose to provide a Healing Centre that gives Aboriginal people in the Western Sydney community a place to meet and reconnect with their cultural and spiritual identity. 


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