Gerringong Weekend Away 2016

img_0745I was at the beach at Gerringong. The water was extra freezing but swimming in it made me feel warm. We walked around the rock platform and found lots of interesting things. I picked up a head and a tail of a dead lobster. I also found a live sea snail. It was coloured black and blue. While it was in the water it didn’t move but when I put it on my hand it moved and that is because I have a connection with it. It moved along my arm and right around the back of my neck. It tickled my flesh. My friend Bayley picked it off for me.

Deon Roberts


When I got to the beach I went in the rock pool. The water was cold but when I stayed longer it became warm. When I got out we found starfish and crabs. Ekalie threw the crabs out and we kept only the star fish and the shells. Aidy and Kaleb kept them in the fish tank.

After we had lunch we played outside with the big ball. The colour of the ball was pink.
I had a great time and my friends loved it too.

Kiara Streeting

I went to the beach with my Mum and lots of people. I went into the waves and they wet me. I had my swimmers on so it didn’t matter.
We played tips and my Mum chased me. She can’t run as fast me so I beat her.
I had a good time and I’d like to go again.

Kyedon Fields

I would just like to comments on my first time away with the Baabayn Ladies Group. First of all how I observed and noticed things around myself:

  • The children all got along well and I did not see anyone fighting.
  • How the adults took care of everyone’s children.
  • The volunteers were fantastic, taking children to the beach and organising games.
  • No drinking of alcohol was a big plus for me.

All volunteers who provided and prepared meals. Thank you. The food was delicious. The desserts fantastic. To the ladies, Margaret and Sister Naomi and anyone else who helped organise the weekend away, I say, thank you for a pleasant and enjoyable. Weekend. To all the young ones thank you for all the help with cleaning and washing up. I enjoyed the entertainment. I hope that weekends like this continue. I would love to go again and maybe next time take my grannies.

Once again, a very pleasant and enjoyable weekend. Thank you very much,

Patricia Zumbo

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